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Stop Motion Animated Experiments

#MetKids Create is part of the #MetKids Microscope series about the science behind the art (and the art behind the science!) at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.


Across 6 stop motion animated episodes, #MetKids Create encourages young viewers to make art - and science - at home. Using household items, we learn how to age pennies, visualize sound, make paint with eggs, and create a field guide to capture all our observations! Each Create episode is paired with a Microscope video that spotlights a work of art at the Met Museum.

Check out the #MetKids Microscope episodes here!

Role Animation Director, Stop Motion Animator

Client The Metropolitan Museum of Art

2D Animation Luca Mancuso

Prop Fabrication Anna Samo, Lisa V. Bergmann

A peek behind the scenes

Click into the videos for some stop motion process!

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