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Lisa LaBracio

Animation Director + Educator

In 1994, I decided to become an animator. I was ten.

Luckily, it worked out. Today, I have 15+ years of animation industry experience working alongside award-winning independent filmmakers, documentarians, educational institutes, non-profit organizations and advertising agencies. Early in my career, I discovered the joy of working in small studio environments - and getting my hands into every part of the production process. As an animation director, I pull from my experience in all those roles to tell meaningful stories and to create learning tools for audiences of all ages and demographics. My approach to animation storytelling is impact-oriented and message-driven, and always playful, exploratory, and deeply collaborative.  

My work in independent film, animation and documentary has taken me to festivals the world over and built the robust network of artists I work with today. As a freelance director, I have been operating a virtual studio since 2015, building custom teams for each new project, leveraging the talent of internationally based motion artists and tapping into a global perspective to tell thoughtful stories that speak to a universal audience. 

My clients include mission-driven organizations, educational institutes and global changemakers. As an educator, I've designed and conducted 100+ animation workshops in communities across the globe, and I currently serve as an event director with The Ink Well Foundation, an Adjunct Instructor at the School of Visual Arts, and a co-founder of the NYC-based screening and discussion series, Animation Speak/Easy.


And I count my lucky stars every single day I sit down to work!


Selected Clients

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Amazon Studios




Trilogy Interactive


Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting






Variety (2019)

AWN (2019)

Deadline (2019)

Animation Magazine (2019)

Savant Magazine (2018)

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