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TED-Ed Animations

As a member of the founding production team at TED-Ed, I’ve animated and directed 40+ short animated lessons designed to reach students of all ages and to serve as educational tools for classroom teachers.

The animations I’ve directed for TED-Ed explore a rich range of topics. They answer curiosity questions like

“Why are some people left-handed?" and “What would happen if you didn’t sleep?” They build visual language

to communicate complex concepts in neuroscience like aphasia, synesthesia or the bilingual brain. They examine nature, navigate human histories and introduce audiences to artists and authors like Georgia O’Keefe and Kurt Vonnegut.

With TED’s brand and reach, the TED-Ed Animations I’ve directed have amassed nearly 60 million YouTube views. Because of the variety of topics, each assignment offers a fresh chance to explore a different approach to animation filmmaking, as well as ample opportunity to learn from the clever and passionate experts, researchers and scientists

who contribute to TED-Ed's mission.

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